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Custom Law Firm Website Design

We are based in New York City. So we know how tough it is out there. In the increasingly competitive legal profession, how do you stand out? Your firm must have a well-designed and technically advanced website. People will form an immediate opinion of your practice based on your website… who you are, what you do, how professional and trustworthy you are. You cannot afford to make a poor impression. That's where our custom law firm website design comes in.
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This is what a modern first-class website can do for you:

  • Grow your practice
  • Enhance your credibility
  • Improve client communication
  • Stand out from the competition
  • Get found on the Internet

There are many ways we can help you:
Custom Web Design for Attorneys
Attorney Blog Design
Mobile, Responsive Websites
SEO for Law Firms
Email Marketing
Newsletter Marketing
Pay-Per-Click and Google AdWords Campaigns

Specifically, here's what you'll get:

Grow Your Practice
If you don't have a top-quality website, you are missing an essential tool to help grow your practice. Today more and more frequently, clients find lawyers via web search. You must have a strong web presence to be found.. We are experts at website development for individual attorneys and law firms, and we design websites to be listed well in the search engines

Enhance Credibility
Good website design can reassure clients that your law firm is reliable and trustworthy. Our careful website development process will result in a site that encourages clients to believe they will be treated fairly and well by your firm should they retain you. If prospective clients find a good website for your practice, they are more likely to think your firm is sound and dependable.

Provide Information
Naturally a key reason to have a website is to provide information. And not just basic information. If you wish, you have an opportunity to expound at length upon exactly what each of your services is. You can provide details about your successes, your attorneys, cases you've won, articles you've published, items in the press; in short, any key pieces of information you wish to convey can appear on your website.

Remain Relevant
Unlike print media, a website is a dynamic vehicle. Our website design allows the site to be easily updated as circumstances change. This means you can rapidly introduce new attorneys in your firm, display new practice areas and remove those that no longer fit your strategic direction.

Appear Up-to-Date
Any website will make your firm appear more in tune with our times, but a modern, responsive and sophisticated site truly enhances that impression. Like it or not, clients will draw conclusions about your practice based on your website design, or lack of it. If it has a fresh look and utilizes current technology to offer exciting features and functions, clients will tend to believe your firm is equally up-to-date and knowledgeable about changes in the law.

If you currently have a website, transform it so it reflects your current law practice.

If your website still uses old technology, it is time to upgrade. Clients today are very sophisticated about the Internet. It is an integral part of all our lives. A website that loads slowly, is too narrow, or prevents visitors from accessing information easily sends the wrong message. Potential clients will judge your law firm accordingly. We are experts at website redesign for lawyers.

Make Sure it Reflects What You Do Now
If your website does not explain very clearly exactly what your practice includes, it is dangerously dated. Look at the content of your site. It must cover all your practice areas and provide current information about every attorney in the firm. If you include on your site articles, cases or press mentions, make sure at least some are of recent vintage.

Modernize the Design
Like outdated technology, an old or poor design will leave visitors to your site with a bad impression. In the past, most websites were built to a narrow format (800 pixels wide). Today this looks small and constrained on standard high resolution monitors. Graphic design concepts have also changed, and blocky, bulky layouts are passe. A clean, wide format will give your visitors a better impression of your firm.

Maintain Your Website
Just as important as having a website is website maintainance. There are at least two crucial reasons for this. First is to show up-to-date, accurate information about your law firm. Second, the search engines like to see change. If a site has remained static for many months, with no changes at all, the search engines make the assumption that your business is less important than that of your competitors and will drop it accordingly in their search rankings. It is vital to perform at least small changes at least every two or three months, if not more. Use us for all your website mainteance.

Add Missing Sections
An important subset of maintenance is to enhance your site with new sections. Many sites start very simply. But as time goes on, it can be beneficial to add sections such as testimonials, case studies and items from the press. There is truly no limit to what your website can contain. Of course, not everybody will read every section, but it can be valuable to have more variety and detail for those who will delve into these and other new sections.

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Get found on the Internet

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is Critical
Nowadays it is not enough to have a great website. You need traffic. You need people to find your site when they search for the services you offer. Sure, plenty of business can come from referrals and conventional advertising, but the number one way people find services today is via Internet search. So, your website must be built to facilitate search. And that's where SEO for lawyers is critical. We'll get you visible on Google.

Keyword Identification
The first step to increase web traffic is identification of the key phrases people search on to find what you offer. This is not as simple as it may sound. Proper keyword identification requires careful research. We have a finely honed methodology for this that we have developed over years of study and practice. To determine the most effective keyword phrases for you, we look at a number of variables including relevance to your practice, frequency of recent searches, competition for each phrase. We calculate a ratio from these variables to determine the most productive phrases for your site.

Successful On-Page SEO
There are many ways to enhance search results, to improve your website's rankings in the search results, but the first and most important is on-page optimization. By this we mean utilizing the keyword phrases we identified above to place them on specific web pages within your site. Not only are these phrases inserted into the visible text in particular ways, they also go in the meta text behind the scenes. We know how and where to place these phrases to get the best possible results from the search engines. We understand SEO for lawyers.

Other Ways to Drive Traffic
In addition to on page SEO, there are numerous other activities we and you can do to enhance your search results. They include Pay-Per-Click campaigns, setting up a blog, writing and posting relevant articles, implementing a Twitter account, building a Facebook presence and other social media outlets. We can help you with many of these if you wish. We always recommend starting with On-Page SEO and monitoring the results from that before engaging in these other activities

Keeping Up with Changes
The search engines change constantly. Google, the most important of these, frequently adjusts how it ranks web pages in their search algorithm. While they do not publicly divulge how the many factors are weighted, we stay up-to-date on all the latest thinking in the industry as the analysts are striving to deduce what is most important. We are active in numerous on-line forums and discussion groups and are recognized experts on this topic.

Remember - Nexxite Provides Custom Law Firm Website Design

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